Art Walk Modesto

Third Thursdays Reveal Modesto’s Artistic Side

The distance from Modesto to the Louvre in Paris is over 5,500 miles. To the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is over 2,800 miles. Traveling to The Getty Center in Los Angeles would take five hours, one way, with no traffic. Living in the Central Valley one may feel that a private jet is required to experience art, yet every month there is an evening in which downtown Modesto reveals its hidden artistic gems.

Year round on the third Thursday of the month a number of art galleries and businesses are open from 5pm to 9pm to showcase local talent. All of the locations are within walking distance. Make an evening of it, sample the local cuisine, discuss one’s impressions of the diverse use of color and line. Strolling through downtown Modesto has the added benefit of taking in the architecture, from the Art Deco grandeur of The State Theater to the more recent addition to the landscape, built with the aim to celebrate the arts, the Gallo Center for the Arts. Further enhancing the experience, some of the stops in the Art Walk have live music and offer refreshments, making for a feast for the senses.

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The Chartreuse Muse: Gallery & Art School
918 10th Street

The beauty of the gallery space in the Chartreuse Muse is rivaled only by the works of art that it exhibits. The quality of the pieces will appeal to both the casual observer and the discerning eye, with many of the pieces being highly conceptual. If visiting the gallery leaves one feeling inspired, explore the schedule of classes offered in various media, ranging from drawing to ceramics, for both adults and children.

Crow Trading Co.
1208 J Street

Sharing the space with the Crow Trading Co.‘s unique home decor is artwork and photography from emerging artists. Browsing the original work is enhanced by the ambiance of the pieces of antique furniture and home accessories, which have a marked Asian influence.

Barkin’ Dog Grill
940 11th Street

Come for the art, stay for the live music, and the sweet potato fries. The vibrant notes of live jazz are echoed in the paintings on display. Since the beginning the Barkin’ Dog Grill has been a strong supporter of the arts in their many forms.

Gallery 909
909 10th Street

Up-and-coming talent from the California State University, Stanislaus, Department of Art, is showcased at Gallery 909. The Department of Art prides itself in continuing the tradition of fine art. The student run gallery provides studio art students a space to exhibit their creations. The pieces on display give an intriguing look at the talent, as well as the potential, of these artists.

Mistlin Gallery — Central California Art Association
1015 J Street

The spacious interior allows for exhibits on a larger scale, providing the opportunity for a theme to be carried through quite a number of pieces. Live music and refreshments entice one to linger. Off the gallery area is a classroom, allowing the Mistlin Gallery to further its goal of enriching the arts education and cultural opportunities of the Central Valley.

Peer Recovery Art Project Gallery
1222 J Street

The Peer Recovery Art Project Gallery boasts an exceptionally diverse selection of styles and mediums produced by local artists. Charcoal drawings share space with oil painting and ceramic bowls, giving one an appreciation for a wide variety of mediums by viewing them side-by-side.

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